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10 to Win™

Making sales calls demands a lot of expense and time – averaging $392 per call and 5.1 calls to close a sale, according to a study by Reed Business Information. Mail Print’s 10 to Win™ program is designed to help you and your sales force shortcut the expense and time of in-person visits, while making the personal, consistent communication sales prospecting requires.

10 to Win™ is a system of 10 touches over 10 weeks, targeting an individual or group. During the 10 weeks, eight eye-catching postcards and two personal phone calls will keep you top of mind and build lasting recognition as the professional of choice.

Compared with other marketing techniques, 10 to Win™ stands out for its incredible return on investment (ROI) and ability to target specific individuals. 10 to Win™ creates personal contact with the specific prospects you know you need to touch, something mass advertising can’t offer.

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