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Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing

Expand your Reach with Multi-Channel Marketing

As you know, none of your contacts are the same. While email may work great for communicating with an established client, it may look like spam to a prospect... if they see it at all. And, while a phone call is perfect for a prospect who’s ready to buy, someone who’s still early in the research stage may be better served by an online touch.

That’s why Mail Print helps clients develop and deploy multi-channel marketing campaigns that build synergy among your marketing pieces, ensure your message gets through, and gives you the flexibility to communicate with each contact in the medium they prefer.

All your Marketing Channels, in One Place

Mail Print makes multi-channel marketing more efficient and profitable by hosting and executing all your marketing channels from within a single marketing asset management portal.

With Mail Print, your integrated marketing communications can include:

By executing all of these channels with Mail Print, you're also able to initiate campaigns faster, and eliminate the hassle and errors involved with coordinating multiple vendors.

Integrated Marketing Communications, Automated

Whether you're targeting a single contact or list of thousands, each touch of your multi-channel campaign can be automatically created and deployed using the medium and schedule you've defined. Watch this video to learn how Mail Print automates integrated communications.

Ready to implement multi-channel marketing for your company? Contact us online to schedule a demo or call 1.800.660.0108.

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